Who is this Cat with the Gadgets?

I’m a 27 year old Texas transplant currently living in Colorado and loving all the opportunities I have to hike, cycle, and camp in such a beautiful place. I didn’t want to clutter up my personal blog with the somewhat boring details of working out and training, so I thought it best to start a new blog. As a bonus, it gives me the opportunity to get familiar with WordPress after 3 years on Blogger. The Gadget Cat of the Future references comes from  a Japanese cartoon character, and I used it as an online name while I was blogging about teaching English in Japan.

I’m looking to get back into running and up my endurance for cycling in preparation from some long cycling trips my partner and I are planning. I’m coming back into running after a varsity cheerleading injury my Senior year of high school left me pretty banged up- I know, you’re probably laughing a bit, but just picture getting dropped on your ass from about 8 feet off the ground, and landing flat on your tailbone and left hip. It’s been more than a decade since I’ve done any serious running, although I hike and cycle and have been doing ashtanga/vinyasa flow yoga for almost 3 years. I’ve started and stopped the Couch to 5K program a few times due to my hip injury flaring up and I’m hoping that this time will do the trick. My first goal is to simply compete in a 5K, and we’ll move up from there if my bones permit it.

I live with my partner Bobby whose job in software development/computer science witchcraft spurred our moving to Colorado. You could sum us up as: vegetarian leaning vegan hippie type people with no pets, no kids, and no TV, living frugally because we believe in being free and financially stable, reveling in secondhand furniture, early 90’s Toyotas, and craigslist bikes. We love road trips, and take lots of them- we went to 15 states in our first year together. Hiking and camping and a National Parks Pass are also in that mix. We both have quite a bit of wander lust, and are minimally attached to possessions, which makes for good traveling partners.

Right now I’m working two internships, volunteering at our local no-kill animal shelter, and taking an online course towards a post graduate certificate in Sustainable Community Development. I’m also about to head back to school to get a second master’s degree- the first was in International Management, this one will be in Education. I’m a liberal activist, a feminist, and a lover of all things pertaining to sociology and history. Cooking, writing, reading, biking, yoga, sewing, crocheting, reading tons of news and finance blogs, and listening to NPR are all on a regular rotation of daily activities.

Let’s see if I can add “runner” and “long distance cyclist” to the list of things that describe me.

Do good things,



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