So, About Last Week…

Monday the 21st through Friday the 25th was insane. Bobby and I have lots of once a year to do things coming up- registration, for one- plus all sorts of other random to do’s like getting new tires, getting emission testing, failing emission testing, signing new leases, turning in “no thank you” letters to the old apartment, etc. On top of all that I had a doctor’s appointment, I’m studying for the PLACE teacher certification exam, I had a project and a meeting for one of the non-profits I’m interning with, and I had to clean house and get ready for my friends to come in from Texas (today they made it, hurrah!)

OH, right, and we also drove to Boulder on Tuesday night so that we could snowboard all day Wednesday for a last run of the season. I took an all day lesson since I’ve only done one run back in January (my first snow sport, ever). So that was 4 or 5 hours of snowy, sunny, snowboarding fun.

I also did my regular Tues/Thurs yoga class, plus yoga on Friday for an hour. I did a full body weight workout on Monday as well as doing ab work on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. I did C25K on Monday and Friday, but since I went snowboarding all day Wednesday, I did not run that day. I plan to do my 3rd run of Week 2 tomorrow (Sunday).

For now, we’re about to pack up and head out to the Poudre Canyon for some camping tonight, and then tomorrow it’s a hike to Grey Rock (about 6 miles round trip). After sleeping on the ground in 30 degree weather and then hiking all day this last run might be very, very interesting…

As t this week, my feet have been fabulous. Zero pain, anywhere. I think they’re definitely getting stronger and stronger. On Friday I got bored  with having to keep changing pace to walk/run, so I just decided to run the entire first 10 minutes straight, at 5.0 pace. It was perfect. Felt like a dream. I know 10 minutes straight is NOT a lot, but it’s about 3 times what I’m supposed to be running during the week and my feet/calves/toes are doing great in the Vibrams.

For now we’re off into the woods!


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