2 Down, 1 to Go

Yesterday yoga went really well- I can feel the difference in my hip already. I’ve also started a nightly stretch/foam roller/pressure point ball routine that I think is helping immensely. I wasn’t nearly as sore the day after Day 2 as I was the day after Day 1. I have yet to do Day 3, but as soon as I finish uploading some pictures and posting this blog I’m heading to the gym.

A bit of a tangent- my favorite yoga class is on Monday nights, but this month Bobby and I are taking our intermediate West Coast Swing lessons, which are only on Monday nights. I was bummed about missing the yoga classes, but then the instructor, Kimberly, told me she was also teaching a new class on Friday afternoons. I was so stoked, because seriously she teaches an amazing class. So today the plan is to do my 20 minute W1D3 run with 5 min warmup/5 min cooldown, giving myself about 30 minutes space between that workout and going to her yoga class. I figure I’ll bring an apple and a book to keep me busy.

So far I still don’t have any pain anywhere, and as I said the soreness is started to be less acute after each run. I’m going to put some bandages on the pads of my feet right below my big toes to lessen the rubbing before I run, but other than that I’m looking forward to seeing how Day 3 goes. Oh, and I nixed the plan of running in my regular shoes on Wednesdays, I’m not in pain, nothing is sore/pulled, so I just need to stick with the Vibrams and continue to build up my calf strength. From everything I’ve read that is the big difference between barefoot/Vibram running and running in shoes- the way your calves work. Because of this I’m thinking of repeating Week 1 just to be on the safe side with building up my strength and feet slowly. We’ll see how today goes before  I make a final decision on that, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to repeat it.

With this yoga class and run today I’ll be over my minimum goal for yoga and I will have met my goal for C25K Week 1. This weekend will involve birthday celebrations, a parade, and a bowling and lunch meetup, so I’m glad I won’t have to worry about scheduling in my workouts to meet my goals. But we’re hoping to bike to the parade since the weather is getting nicer (round trip that’s about 18 miles) and I’ll probably go to Sunday morning yoga, so I’ll still be active this weekend.

Until next week,

Gadget Cat/Cortney


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