You Say It’s Your Birthday

My 3rd birthday, shoveling that cake.

Today is my 28th birthday. I’m feeling pretty grateful to be alive and so far the birthday has gone well. I’ve received birthday wishes via mail, FB, texts, and phone calls, so altogether I feel sufficiently showered in recognition that 28 years ago today I appeared on the earth scene. The official birthday celebration will take place on Saturday night at Jumpstreet- indoor trampolines! Trampoline walls! Trampoline trampolines!- but tonight Bobby is taking me out to dinner for an official “it’s your birthday, yay!” dinner.

I hit the gym for W1D2 today. I was lightly sore from Day 1 and from yoga yesterday, but I foam rolled the hell out of my entire body last night which definitely took the edge off. Again, the workout for today was just like Day 1- 5 minute warmup, 20 minutes alternating 60 seconds jogging/90 seconds walking. I took the incline back down to 0, but in exchanged I upped my walking speed from 3.5 to 3.8, and upped my jogging speed from 5.0 to 5.5 and sometimes 5.6.

Things I noticed- directly below both big toes rubbed persistently against the inside of the Vibrams. I didn’t notice this at all the first run, so I’m thinking that I’m just going to have to develop some callouses as my feet get used to them. Like any new shoe, they need to be broken in. I didn’t experience any of the Achilles soreness I had the first run, although I am noticing just how much more work my feet/ankles/calves are doing in the Vibrams. I know this is a good thing, because I’m not heel striking and I’m using my legs correctly, but it makes me feel like¬† a total wuss to get off of the treadmill after a mere 20 minute jog/walk workout feeling like I’ve done approximately 3,456 calf lifts.

Things I’m over the moon about- even with upping the speed I’m still doing great cardio wise. This helps me focus on good form, and will hopefully prevent injury. Speaking of injury- so far, so good on the hip front. I talked to my yoga teacher about SI joint instability exercises, and she gave me some great tips and advice on modifying certain moves.

The plan for tomorrow is my usual yoga class, lots of water, and another date with the foam roller. For now though I have to get ready for my birthday date with someone who isn’t a foam roller. I generally avoid dairy (for a variety of reasons, but let’s just say it has improved my life in several different areas) but I’m looking forward to a pasta ‘splosion at one of my favorite places. Lemon caper cream sauce will be had. Oh yes.

Dear 28,

Welcome to being my age for the next year. Try and keep up. I plan on wearing you out.


Gadget Cat/Cortney



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